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Distant Print produces social media print. We take the posts on the mobile screen and print them on paper. We print in the same aspect ratio as the original Social Media marketing ad shown at 72dpi and print them in high resolution 300dpi on paper or board then finish as required.

Look the same quality in print as you do on Social Media.

We print flyers, postcards, brochures, calendars etc. in the same size ratio but in a much higher quality than the Facebook or Twitter image posts. We accept a customers Print PDF or a Canva design. We create new social media artwork that is ready to print then create your images.

Print and social media in partnership

Distant Print focus on the creation of quality print in the same size ratio as the original marketing images on major Social Media sites like Facebook. So it could be a card, a flyer, a folded flyer or a poster.

We only use quality PDF printer files in the correct resolution. If you select a Canva design we can add your details for free and get the high reol. Then create your social media marketing images to match, also for free.

Why we are different.

Today print is one of many ways to get a business message out there. Not now essential, but different.

What have you got to sell? What do you want to tell everyone? Where is your office? It is just part of a whole marketing process that today starts on-line. So rather than make you change sizes and start again just to print your message. We believe the two should work in partnership. That is what is different about us.

Personalise your PRINT

Here are just some of the printed products we can output and print. We accept your print ready PDF's your Canva Designs or we can create new artwork for you.

Leaflets, Flyers
Personalised leaflets and flyers in a Social Media size. Let customers know about your product in print too. Say how you appreciate their business. What your future plans are. Show your message in the same size on the printed page.
Personalise your message as a greeting using print. Send a card. Tell them about a promotion the next time they order on-line.
Brochures, Magazines, Newsletters
Create a brochure merging your Social Media posts. Merge them into a magazine of posts exactly as your customer has seen them on-line.
Greetings Card
Give your business a caring personal touch. Send a greeting to your customers and in the post. Something permanent. Take the time to show you appreciate them. In a size they recognise you by.
Crease and Fold
Create something unique. Like a box of chocolates or flowers. Manipulated your personalised print. Shape your Social Media message in a novel way.
We are specialists in outputting data artwork to print or to create social media images. Why not personalise your post in print. We use our own data integrated software to merge your text and images.

One Campaign One Message

One artwork one ratio

We are here to guide you.

We have fifty years of proven experience in traditional print. We have been working in digital print and social media solutions since it's foundation. We bring a proven wealth of knowledge of how to merge data and images into templates to achieve your aims across all platforms. We are constantly looking to evolve. To innovate. To keep you ahead.

Philip Arrowsmith

Digitally Integrated Data For Print Specialist

Our objective is to improve a customers data print experience. We ensure customers appreciate all it's advantages.


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