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Paperback Book Supplier

We Get Paperback Books Listed, Sold and Delivered

Bring your story to life forever, simply and easily with no upfront costs. Whether you sell one copy or thousands.

Style: We provide a layout that fits the genre.
Sizes and layouts We offer a set paperback size and layout that a buyer expects.
We provide a generic design for your paperback. We supply a default cover to get you started.
ISBN: We provide an ISBN, if required, this lists your book to all the all wholesalers and on Amazon.
We manufacture and ship your book when a sale is made. We pay you monthly as sales accrue.

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Your stories can come alive at last. We ensure you profit from each sale.

We Keep It Simple To Save Costs.
Print and Deliver

What we do:
Take your words, use our default layout, then prepare print-ready PDF files. We store securely ready to print from when an order arrives. We then print and manufacture your order. Package and post your order to the buyer.
We ensure:  The book flows smoothly at all stages of the process. We maintain the quality you and your buyer expect.
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We provide social media posts and web content from one central source.

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Be Informative.
Social Media

What we do:
Allow you to create social media posts that tell the story of your book.
We follow: The style of the book.
We supply: Image files quickly and easily created across a range of formats for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. All to approved size and resolution.

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We create web content that can be added to existing websites. Allowing customers to link all the content and files required centrally.

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Communicate with your readers.
Web Content

What we do:
Allow you to think outside the box. Create web content for your book that is new and innovative.
We follow:  The book guidelines, text and images. Fonts used. Pantone colours specified.
We supply: Images and bootstrap web sections that can be added to web pages. Show your content and its benefits it reveals in new innovative ways. We allow you to create a 'Contact Form' for your book that allows you to communicate in new ways.
Is it complicated? : We use templates that will open the door for your book. We let you know the copy and images we need. Now your emails, business cards, magazine adverts, social media sites can be merged into one central message.
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Your Book Content Is Stored In One Secure Place.

Print, social media images and web content are all generated from one secure central source. This ensures compliance and compatibility for all our customers across all formats.

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