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Heidelberg Speedmasters XL 106 x2 / SX 102 x1 / XL 75 x1
The print factory is committed to filling their floors with the best machinery. A range of Speedmaster presses, the kings of litho efficiency, stand proud. The production team broke several internal records when it was first installed, back in 2017. With so much quality print output they invested in another in 2019 to enable even more quality print output.


Xerox iGen 5 x2 / Xerox iGen 150 x1 / Xerox iGen 4 x1 / HP Indigo 10000 x1/ Landa S10P x2
In the digital printing department the advantage is the recent advancements made in digital technology. Now you can match the litho presses in producing a better quality print. In fact, there are now many more benefits of digital printing, such as better cost efficiency on short-runs, faster turnarounds, and more now more flexibility in material and finishing.


HP Scitex 11000 x2 / Screen Truepress Jet 520HD x2 / Fujifilm Jet Press 720S x2
The factory has a growing collection of inkjet printers. A sound investment in the latest print developments achieved by this process. Once seen as a substandard printing technique, inkjet technology has taken such massive strides in the past 30 years you can now comfortably compete with litho on the quality of its output.


Here are just some of the traditional printed products we can produce.

Leaflets, Flyers
Leaflets and flyers are cost effective ways of getting a message out there. Letting customers know about a product on the printed page is more permanent than a screen. Tell customers about your plans or upcoming events on a bright colourful A5 page. They can be printed for well under a 1p each in Litho or more in shorter run digital.
Business Cards
Fujifilm Jet Press 720S - Autobond Micro 74 THPS - Scodix S75 - Rollem JetSlit - Wrapper
With half a million printed in the factory per day, the faithful business card makes up a significant proportion of the production activities. So, in 2017, the factory decided to focus their efforts to create a streamlined cell just for the making of business cards. An investment of £1.5 million created just that.
Brochures, Magazines, Newsletters
From feeders to guillotining, laminating to folding, the factory chose finishing equipment with as much care as they chose the printers. With such incredibly efficient booklet printing streams, an extensive binding department was created. So now fantastic pieces of binding equipment from Horizon and Renz take care of the range of binding options.
Greeting Cards
There has been a massive increase in the manufacture of greeting cards in the UK. We can offer an extensive range of materials and finishing equipment, like hot foil units, to give designers greater opportunities to create ever more diverse designs. For more details this please contact us direct.
Crease and Fold
If you want to really be different we can help with samples of products produced. Boxes of all shapes and sizes. For more details of how we can create and produce these for you please use the contact form.
We are pleased to have produced a large range of published material in the past for major publishers in the UK. Distant Print will continue the supply of books in all forms. We have a dedicated department and they are ready to help you. If you are a start-up with one copy of one book or a major publisher with millions we are here to help.


Colour Management

DISTANT PRINT ARE here to make print work for you.

While new in age; we have fifty years of proven experience in traditional print to fall back on. Our print partners factory in South Yorkshire allow us the freedom to work closely with customers to achieve their aims. We have been working in digital print and social media since their inception. We bring a proven wealth of knowledge across the whole print spectrum. We believe our print can work with all platforms and meet the stringent brand demands of its customers. We are constantly looking to evolve, to innovate. To keep print alive and moving forward.

The Team

We Are Here To Help.

We are here to support, empower and simplify the lives of new businesses, individuals, marketing teams, companies large and small and their creatives by providing a simple solution to the complex problem of print. No matter how it originates.


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