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The Distant Press

Let's Publish Together

We make a printed book easier to achieve.

Book Style: Select a style that fits your genre.
Sizes and layouts Choose a book size and layout that your retailer expects.
Be innovative with your project. Let your cover stand out from the rest.
Distribution: We follow the project from beginning to end.

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Your words and pictures are important. Ensure they are presented in a way that best suits them.

Be Different.


What we do:
Take your ideas and layouts to create your print-ready PDF files. Perfect for the printer to output your book the way you want it.
We follow:  Your guidelines for your logo, font style and image positions. We maintain the colours specified across RGB and CMYK for spot colours and pantone across all profiles.
We supply: Print ready PDF files with sizes, bleed, fonts and colours as required to print, then a complete printed book.

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We then allow customers to match their book style to social media posts and web content from one central source.

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Be Informative.

Social Media

What we do:
Allow you to create social media posts that tell the story of your book.
We follow: The style of the book.
We supply: Image files quickly and easily created across a range of formats for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. All to approved size and resolution.

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We create web content that can be added to existing websites. Allowing customers to link all the content and files required centrally.

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Communicate with your readers.

Web Content

What we do:
Allow you to think outside the box. Create web content for your book that is new and innovative.
We follow:  TGhe book guidelines, text and images. Fonts used. Pantone colours specified.
We supply: Images and bootstrap web sections that can be added to web pages. Show your content and its benefits it reveals in new innovative ways. We allow you to create a 'Contact Form' for your book that allows you to communicate in new ways.
Is it complicated? : We use templates that will open the door for your book. We let you know the copy and images we need. Now your emails, business cards, magazine adverts, social media sites can be merged into one central message.

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Your Book Content Is Stored In One Secure Place.

Print, social media images and web content are all generated from one secure central source. This ensures compliance and compatibility for all our customers across all formats.

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