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Photo Albums

From 1.99p each

Photo Albums Created From Your Photos
The old fashion way.

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Under Development - This service is under devlopment and will be available soon.
A5 Photo Albums with 48 images from £1.99
We create an A5 album for you from your personal photos.
e.g. A Spotify report consists of:
  • 4 page insert with an image of the album cover on the front.
  • Tracks details of the actual item on Spotity with timings.
  • An album review by e.g. AllMusic or a suitable source.
  • The report is printed on a CD Shape. There is a link to the album on Spotify.
  • You can scan links to connect to the item shown in the report such as on Spotify. In the example of Spotify the link will take you to the album. There you can see the listing and will be able to play the album on a mobile, computer, Smart TV or XBox. It is not a requirement to join or pay Spotify to do this.
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    To obtain a report on your Spotify album or other albums listed, visit our dedicated online shop. We also have selected items listed in our Facebook and Instagram shops.

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    What Can You Collect?

    Spotify Album Reports

    Reports On Spotify Content
    Reports do not have to be just on printed on paper. We like to think they should be fun and collectable too.
    Our Reports come in many styles

    Our artist books have complete listings of albums on Spotify. Our posters are in unique pastiche designs of original album covers. For us a report can also be fun to own and collect.


    Reports on a T-Shirt
    We have gone well outside the box creating our reports on T-Shirts. For us the same report can be printed in many different ways.

    Distant Print has a heritage in creating print and packaging e.g. for on-demand music CD's. Over many years we have worked with Universal Music and BMG in particular and major music retailers to create on-demand music products. Our items all bare the same quality stamp that we've have put on all our products over the years. We hope you will enjoy owning and collecting our reports.


    What We Do:
    We produce print on demand as we have for many major companies over the years including Universal Music, Harper Collins, Disney, Hasbro and many more. We aim to achieve the same high quality in all we do as we innovate on-demand print to new levels.



    • Gifts

      Our range make perfect gifts at perfect prices.

    • Fans

      Reports are printed in a style collectors can add to their collections.

    • Free Postage

      All our prices include Royal Mail 1st Class post in the UK.

    • Choice

      As we add daily to the range and we are always happy to listen to suggestions. Contact us if you want a particular style report for your collection.

    • Making

    Making Reports Collectable
    While new in age we have fifty years of proven experience in traditional and digitised personalised print to fall back on and benefit our products. We bring a proven wealth of knowledge across the whole print and duplication spectrum. We believe our reportss are the best available for the price. We intend to keep reports alive and collectable.

    Collect Our Reports and Hold Your Music Again

    We exist to design, print and produce reports.


    Studio and Office
    39 Woodfield Road
    RH12 3EP

    Tel. 07554 147446


    How Can We Help? Have you got a report you want to own?